Mary Kay

Aqua Reserve Beauty Products


Airborne Broadcast Commercial 2D Animation by Chris “Gru” Gruska

Frontier Utilities

Turnkey production for Frontier Utilities including TV, Social, Print and Radio production. Director, Steve Gaconnier

Brianna’s Salad Dressing

For Brianna’s, Janimation developed an illustrated world based on their salad dressing artwork style. Using a combination of illustration, 2D and 3D animation and live action with motion control, Janimation produced a campaign of three spots for Brianna’s.

Gexa Energy

Turnkey production for Gexa Energy including TV, Social, Print and Radio production. Director, Steve Gaconnier

Mario Bros

Mario Bros 2D Animation by Chris “Gru” Gruska

Striker VR

Janimation partnered with Striker VR to promote their VR blasters for Arena VR systems


Janimation produced this product spot for Norwex. Due to a compressed schedule, editorial produced a rip-o-matic to define the pacing and action using stock footage. This technique defined our shot list and helped drive efficiency on an ambitious shoot day. Norwex Rubber Broom is a multifunctional attachment perfect for removing dust bunnies, debris, pet hair…

Acroball Pens

Another great integration of animation with live action Directed by Steve Gaconnier


Richard Krall Photography


Richard Krall Photography

Texas Homebuyers

This 2D animation has a unique style and color scheme. Janimation wanted to provide the client with visuals that stood out from the more traditional explainer videos.


Android means business


Four Dog Night Janimation loves working with animals. VFX, 3D dog paws, product inserts, screen replacement, editorial and more. Dogs playing poker shot on Janimation stages.

Good Days

A beautiful Iconic illustrative style brought to life by Janimation with 2D animation. Good Days provides resources for life-saving and life-extending treatments to people in need. Janimation is proud to be a part of helping tell that story. Depending on the project, Janimation will illustrate our storyboards in the style of the animation to be…


Richard Krall Photography

The Green Room with Jimmy Vivino

Episodic Teaser The best musicians in the world and the titans of the music business discuss whatever they feel like. Jimmy Vivino leads the Conan O’Brien Band and has played with everyone from Levon Helm to Ringo Starr. Tune in to Jimmy and Company as he shares stories from The Green Room. EPISODE 1: DAVID…

Terlingua Chili Cookoff

This is the big show in Terlingua, Texas. The Verde Chili Cook-off is relatively new, but celebrating year five. We moved away from the Chili Peppers, Deserts and Skeleton motifs for something a bit more jovial this year. If you are looking for where to get your spices, use the QR Code and our good…


Janimation produced a series of 2D animated spots to match an illustrative style that was already part of the print brand identity.

Osito Bimbo

Janimation was tasked with bringing Bimbo from the 2D world into the 3D world in 2010. While developing the US commercial production, our team also developed all of the new Print, OOH and packaging renders for Grupo Bimbo. You can see our work on the sides of bread trucks, on all the bread and baked…

First Financial Bank

“Greenhouse” was one of three spots in the ad campaign for First Financial Bank and Warren Douglas.

Day Clear Allergy and Sinus Relief

Janimation directed this motion graphics treatment for Day Clear. Day Clear is free of dyes, sugar, gluten and artificial flavors. Amazing what you can fit concisely into 15 seconds.


The story of how LIFE should be lived backwards ELIF. Janimation produced Life, the first ever HD cartoon. This animation was traditionally hand drawn on cel paper and then scanned for digital colorization. Rated R

Black Ops

Janimation found a great location in Oklahoma to produce this black ops montage for Black Ops. Black Ops manufactures paint ball pistols and rifles that are designed to match the specs of real weapons. We had the best talent that day.


Cats love laser pointers and we love animating 2D cats. Janimation used a 3D cat animation to output the our feline friend’s 2D walk cycle for Bravecto.

Duke Nukem Forever

The Duke Nukem trailer that was never released but was leaked in August of 2021 and now you can watch it too. There was a huge crew at Janimation working on this. A lot of love and artistry. Enjoy!

CG Product Gallery

When the product isn’t ready, but you still have to get the marketing materials out the door… Janimation to the rescue. We love creating prototypes and products for social, print, product launch videos and trade shows. Our photoreal CGI capability spans years of invisible integration into feature films and product replacement scenes. Is it live…


Hair Care Products Hair Care Products Norwex Hair Care Product Line was produced with a combination of stock footage, live action product table top shots, motion graphics and a great music track. The product shots were shot slow motion with the Phantom camera and enhanced in compositing.


This motion graphics 2D animation for GameStop is a fun and vibrant collection of transitions and nods to video games past. While this spot didn’t make us rich, we are holding our GameStop stock just in case.

Traveller Beer Co

A Monty Python cut out animation was added to the label and storyteller for Traveller Beer Company’s Summer Shandy.

Infused Kitchen

Episodic Teaser Hosted by Spencer Gaçonnier and special guest chefs, Infused Kitchen includes a who’s who in American Culinary as they share step-by-step infusion recipes and recommend kitchen products, brands and best practices with CBD and THC infusion.

CG Food

Here is a compilation of CG food by Janimation

Jolly Time Popcorn

One of our favorite clients for over 20 years. Jolly Time Popcorn has trusted Janimation with their product, aesthetic and appetite appeal for over 20 years. We have animated 2D characters, Photographed and Lidar scanned popcorn all for one of the best snacks in America. They are so awesome, they send the team boxes of…

American Heart Association

This Hands Only CPR demonstration produced by Janimation includes motion captured chest compressions for the most accurate representation of CPR. We are proud of the 3D animation work we provided for the American Heart Association as we are artists, not doctors; however, we have used our craft to make a direct impact on saving lives.…

Personal Optics

Janimation directed this live action project for Personal Optics as well as handling editorial, motion graphics and visual effects. Personal Optics has umlimited eyewear styles for every age and budget.

Pearle Vision

In this 7th installment of the Eye Squad, Iris and Lash stop Professor Blur using transition lenses.


Cash back credit card CGI product shots


CG Health and Wellness Products – CGI

Dagwood Bumstead

Dagwood was called on through King Features to represent Service One air conditioning and heating. Janimation worked with cartoonist Dennis Lebrun on the animation.


Sink Organizer When the pandemic hit, our team adjusted and innovated. Janimation was on set with a skeleton crew while Steve Gaçonnier directed shot-by-shot remotely. Utilizing YouTube Live we were able to share the private feed with our clients.

Alien Rage

The video game trailer for CI Games was a huge challenge for the team at Janimation. Coming up with a way to show time-lapse in using CGI was the task and our team delivered. Directed by Mark Bristol. The launch trailer mixed our pre-rendered work with game play. Check it here

La Quinta

Redeem away! This 2D motion graphics explainer is a great guide to show how best to communicate a process using 2D animation.

Mary Kay

Youthfinity product launch Janimation was called on to provide turnkey creative and production solutions for the Mary Kay product launch of Youthfinity. Our team brought an amazing cinematic feel to the interview process as well as developing some of the most beautiful 3D aesthetics with CG products and supporting ingredient visuals to the project.

Lay’s Kettle Cooked

Using a series of table top photographs shot on the Janimation stage, 2D artists put together this fantastic 2D animation kaleidoscope of flavor for Frito Lay.

Energy Transfer Partners

Janimation produced this isometric style 3D animation to help explain the process of that Energy Transfer Partners uses to install an oil pipeline.

Gunpowder Foods

Food Photography for Mild Bill’s spices and Gunpowder Foods.

Borderlands 3

In Game Assets, Cinematic Dev This never seen rough edit was created for Borderlands 3. A lot of work and ideas hit the cutting room floor before you get to see the final trailer, teasers and promos.

Justin Boots

Worktek boots by Justin Boots. Janimation shot table top product shots of the boot in different settings. Then the shots were integrated into HDRI 3D environmental scenes which saved money on locations and gave the director more control of the product on set.


Shot on location outside of Denver, CO, this James Bond styled promotion was the brain child of Pavlov. ST9 leads the oil and gas industry with progressive and innovative marketing techniques.Live action, VFX, drone work, motion graphics, editorial and a custom music bed were created for this cool promo. Play Previous Next Item #1 Item…