About Janimation

Janimation is a Dallas, Texas animation studio that produces content for the advertising and entertainment industry.


Established in 1993, Janimation has helped launch AAA games, movies, commercials, episodic tv, documentaries, virtual reality systems, start-ups and more. Janimation provides turnkey creative and production solutions using their 3D animation studio as the core.


Janimation Studio Capabilities

Consequently, Janimation provides a wide range of capabilities including 2d animation, 3d animation, motion graphics services, visual effects services, virtual reality development, experiential production, CGI products, movie and series titles, AAA game cinematics, concept art, video editorial post production and turnkey professional video production services.


Janimation's experience

Furthermore, their experience includes spanning across category verticals including: Healthcare, Beauty, Anti-Aging and Wellness, Oil & Gas, Animal Healthcare, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Telecom, Mobile, Technology, Video Games, Feature Films, Recreation, Automotive, Insurance, Casino, Travel, Educational, Banking and Finance, PSA, Luxury, Tradeshow, Airlines, Safety and more.

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Janimation's History

Janimation, Inc. is a production studio based in DallasTexas. It was co-founded in 1993 by CEO and Chief Creative Director, Stephen Gaconnier. The company is largely known for its work on Animation and Visual effects. Notably Cinematics for AAA video games.

Steve Gaconnier and Jana Oleksinski co-founded Janimation in 1993. Throughout the late 1990s, Janimation received press for work done on animation in commercials for Universal Studios Florida. In 1998 Janimation produced its first HD cartoon short film, titled Life, which was directed by Steve Gaconnier.

Following, in 2000, Gaconnier became the sole owner of Janimation by purchasing Oleksinski’s stake in the company.

Surprisingly, Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, Janimation’s work on the movie’s sea monster represented the company’s first contribution to a feature film. The sea monster artwork was featured on the cover of both Production Reality and Post magazines and appeared in Avid’s Softimage advertising at that time. The movie critic, Roger Ebert, gave his opinions on the special effects of the sea monster in his review of the movie.

Similarly, Janimation later re-teamed with Troublemaker Studios and was credited for thier work for Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over in 2003.[3]

In 2008, Janimation moved from its Exposition Ave. office into its new and expanded 22,000 sq. ft. studio on East Side Avenue, just north of Fair Park and east of Deep Ellum in Dallas. The studio consists of a 1250 sq. ft. sound stage with a 16-feet tall cyclorama. The studio also contains editorial, audio, and color correction production suites. The current office space was renovated from a run-down warehouse into a world class production facility.


Additionally, Janimation provided visual effects for Green Lantern, Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian, The Visitor, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Mr. Hell and a handful more.


To learn more details about Janimation, please visit Janimation’s wiki page or buy Steve a drink and ask away.

Janimation's History by year

1993 - Janimation hits the scene

2 passionate and talented artists begin providing amazing computer generated content to ad agency commercials and corporate marketing initiatives.

1994-1998 - Janimation Talent builds

The talent that encompassed the Janimation team was of the highest caliber as we honed our craft, teamwork and culture.

2002 - Feature Films

Janimation gets a shot with Director Robert Rodriguez and produces over 100 shots on Spy Kids 2 and Spy Kids 3D. This led to work on over 8 feature films, 2 that won oscars.

2008 - Big Kahuna Award

We beat out all the big players for best CG commercial with our talking turtle spokes for Harrah's Casino.

Janimation produces a sample of their combined creative to produce "Headtech" to demo to id software. The realism at the time still holds up today for most video games. Check it out

2018 - Virtual Reality

Janimation builds its first VR mixed reality system for use in location based entertainment venues. EPIC EXPERIENCE

2019 - Bordlands 3

After working on the intro for the Borderlands 1 and 2 video games, Janimation assisted with assets for the Borderlands 3 including creative development.

2020 - Small Business Administration Award

Otherwise known as the PPP award. Surviving 2020 is an award in itself.

You can check out episodes of The Green Room with Jimmy Vivino on YouTube. Join Jimmy and his friends as they discuss music, its influence and future.

2022 - Janimation gets first U.S. Patent approval for their Virtual Reality systems

Years in the making, Janimation received a patent for their mixed reality system from the Director of the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office

Janimation Clients and Testimonials

Our clients love us! But don’t just take our word for it – read these testimonials!

To see more of our clients, CLICK HERE.

"Our President loved the animated video and our CMO gave me a huge thumbs up and said she loved it! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!"
Jade Owens / Marketing Campaign Manager / Sabre Airline Solutions
Janimation and Steve Gaçonnier have been an invaluable partner in multiple projects for my company. The difference is about a real working partnership to bring ideas and solutions that elevate each project. There are plenty of video production companies, but Janimation is part of my team with a share vision to deliver for my clients.
Khris Kesling / Chief Creative Director / Pavlov
Over the past 7 years I have partnered with Steve and his knowledgeable team at Janimation on our company’s product launch video initiatives. Collaborating on concepts through post production, video and animation, Janimation’s turn key video solutions have led the way in elevating our brand in both video and social channels.
Brad Cook / Group Creative Director
All in all, I have to say, impressively lit green screen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so smooth. 🙂
Laurie McNair
Senior Editor / Compositor
I have worked with Steve and Janimation for more years/decades than I care to admit. Two things have been incredibility consistent over the years, Janimation’s creativity and consistency . They deliver: creative, solutions, and quality on time and on budget. My overall experiences have always been positive. From an agency perspective, I call Janimation first because I know my clients will be happy with the results. Time and time again. Plus, they make what can be stressful work fun.
Nowell Upham / Resource & Revenue Management / 25 years Omnicom